About Us

If you have ever been to the pristine Upper Peninsula of Michigan, you can appreciate the wholesomeness of the area, the hospitality of the people that live there and the sometimes quiet and simple way of living.  Bob got the idea to start making homemade maple syrup from the trees on his camp property and with the help of his brother-in-law Mike, they spent the first year with simple equipment, a one day class on how to collect sap and that UP determination to make maple syrup.  They tapped about 40 trees and set out to experiment with the process.  The product was a success and while they only distributed it to family and friends, it was easy to see that they had a knack for this and wanted to turn it into something larger.

The company is named after Bob and Elaine’s camp, Camp White Bear.

We think you will enjoy our products, our photos, and our links to recipes and information on maple syruping.  

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